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Full text of "Deed, Ebenezer Swain to Elijah Morton, 1790"

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To all People to whom thefe Prefents fliall come : Greeting. 

)^ X^yft /A-^'' ( ^ ^^ -ff/t^ /H^-^xj^Mf^ ^^fpX<^^7 t/fiKTi/^y-t 




in Handjpaid befor«r~ 

For ahd in confideration of the Sum of /'^^''^ ■y • 

Current Money of the Commonwealth aforefaid, ta 

theenfealinghereofby --^^.,^„/^^^.^,^^^ W /[^,//i^^ .-^/X^ ^L/.r/y /^ 

71 <- 


the receipt whereof -^1 - v/ ^ - - do hereby acknowledge ahd ^^'^J ." ' / 
fully fatisfiedj conterfred and paid, HAVE given, granted,bargaindj[, fold, aliened, rclcafed, con- 
veyed and confirmed, and by thefe Prefents, do freely, clearly and abfolutely give, grant, bargain; 
fell, aliene, releafe, convey and confirm, unto - /t,' y-^-t - -^e faid f^^'lji,/^,y^^i/^>^ 


Heirs and Affigns forever. 


^< /l-nJ A- ni- 





Privileges thereto 

AND TO HOLD the before granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances and^ 
sto belonging, to /t,-y^^ -- -~ — thefaid (f^'/j^i/i y-n^'tc 


-/(,> Heirs and Affigns :-=Po;/>^''^'^''^"^ and ^ ^ ^'^ ^ «wn pro- 
per Ufe, Benefit and Behoof forevermore. And fj - xk\t{'^\d, J^liji-ticy^ry .^^♦-^-i ' 

'_>> ^/^j^ '7rv// y^;^*'''^''*^'->^wj? - Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators do Covenant, 
Promife and Grant unto and with the j^idr- — 7"^ 7ii' 

— — ,y^/''l'A <>n-<!?^ '6'^'^'' ^Heirs and Affigns forever. That before 

and until the enfealinghereofr i^' ^^'"'^ " the true, fole, proper and lawful Owner amK 

Poffeffor of the before-granted Premifes, with the appurtenances. And have in '^^^*^ ^c^c^ t^^r 
good Right, full power and lawful Authority to give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, 
convey and confirm the fame as aforefaid -, and that free and clear, and freely and clearly executed, 
acquited and difcharged of and from all former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes,- 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joyntures, Dowries, Thirds, Executions, and Incumbrances whatfoever: 

the faid 


for >>>t^ r//^^ /^t.y Eleirs, Executors and Adminiflrators, do hereby Coyiqiant, Promifeand 
Engage the before-granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances, unto A/x^ r^t^- ^■^A/ztyi 
• t i te f aid- 


•^^'f^^'^^*^ A-*^- Heirs and Affigns forever, to Warrant, Secure and Defend againft 

she lawful Claims and Dem.ands of any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever. In Witnefs wliereof, 
,y -- Jiave hereunto iti i-rt^tj Hand and Seal , this ^/ri^.*'^/^^9f /yjDay of 
^'^'f/t'ijum/ic.^^'^^^ Year to" our Lord, oneThoufand feven Hundred arid Ninety 

Signed, fealed and delivered, 
in Prefence of 


Ct//>»^'-^'' " 


/^yyx.'i) Jy) ^^^^t^H-^yyi^i^